QR Craft

Turn Heads with Your Custom QR Code Masterpiece

Enter the url you'd like to generate the QR code for!
Decrease this to make the QRCode more recognisable. Creativity Strength determines how creative we allow our AI to be with the output.
Slide this to decide how much your original idea (prompt) should shape the final QR code. Higher values will make the QR code look more like your idea.
This determines how much your original QR code shapes the final artistic image. If you're having trouble scanning the generated QR code, try increasing this value for a more recognizable code.


What if my QR code does not scan?

In the unlikely event that your QR code does not scan, please try tweaking the parameters you are using to gneerate the QR Code. P.S that your camera captures the whole QR code.

How long will QR Code Generation Take?

The QR code generation process takes up to 30 seconds. Please wait till before spamming the Generate QR Button.

I need to place a large order how do I go about it?

For bulk orders or enterprise-level requests, please reach out to us through our inquiry email at inquiry@qrcraft.xyz. We will assist you with the necessary steps.

What will be the size and the file type of the generated QR code?

The generated QR code will have dimensions of 768x768 pixels and will be delivered in the PNG format.

Is there an API I can call for my app/product ?

Yes, there is an API you can call to use this for your app. To get access please out to us through our inquiry email at inquiry@qrcraft.xyz.